7 Aug 2010

black, white & style

Who says that black and white aren't colors? Because then I couldn't wear that outfit right? And that's what I have wore today! So since I've become interested in fashion… I'll make another post about that another day… I'm thinking of what it means having or not having style so that makes me think who has style and who not, do I have style? What is style? Yeah I sound like one of these lessons about the defination of some difficult since thing… and Mr. Proffessor... will tell you now more about… anyway back to style. I think people with style wear what they want. I think Tavi from Style Rookie has style, and Rumi from fashiontoast has style and here comes the moment where I stop telling you who has style because I'm too lazy or I just don't want to tell you that I don't know many bloggers but I can tell you one more little person who has style it's the girl from street-inspiration but I don't know her name… so don't tell her!! Next question now who of the people I know (not blogger which I actually don't know) have style? Good question next question!!! In my family my grandma (the mom of my mom) and my mom. A friend of mine who has style? Well yes some have s†yle. Oh and there's also this guy in school, good looking, and his style is totally awesome!! Do you guys think you have style cause I don't know whether I have style.(???)

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