31 Jul 2010

First day of the holidays and I'm bored! So my mum and I went shopping on friday. we went to Schustermann and Borenstein this great, big store where you can buy designer clothes like in sale everyday of the year!! Of course you need a special card to get in… but it's the best place o shop belive me! I found this really cool bag above. I just forgot where it's from but I remember that it has been designed in Hollywood. That's what you could read on one of this papers you cut of after reading one time. You like it, don't you?! My mum want's to steal it from my closet and I'm sure she will because normally I leave home earlier than her.
That picture is not about my outfit it's about the parasol. You know this women with their parasol in the old movies? It's the same! Actually it was just thought as decoration in the shop but I asked the woman if I could buy it and she said that would be 5 €. So I couldn't resist!
I'm always looking for good fitting jeans and with the years I have learned the best are the most expensive. So this are from ONLY and are really cute!
Ahoi pirates! (of the caribbean) I loved it after seeing it. The sleeves are like the sleeves of a piratesshirt!
You always need jackets it's the same with jeans so I also couldn't resist to buy this jacket from ONLY for 15 €. The color is just amazing!
That dress is also from Only and don't tell me right now that I buy too much ONLY because I love it! Actually the dress is pretty simple but I really like the transparent part of the dress. It's a bit grandma like I think. But (another but…) it's short so that makes it look a bit younger.

OHH and I forgot to write in German!!!!!
No I didn't forget I'm just a bit lazy sorry guys!

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