28 Apr 2011

shopping not buying

It's been almost 20 days!!! I have to write more often… I'm  really trying but… you know there's always a but. 
Yesterday I went shopping with some friends and we actually didn't buy anything but we tried some stuff on.  
There is a really cool vintage shop in Munich called Kleidermarkt. There are a couple of vintage shops here but they are all very expensive. This one is the cheapest. It has some awful wedding dresses really big and white and aaaaaahh (but also cool stuff)! 



Thought that dress was size 40 it fit me pretty well. Actually I liked it but it's more a cocktail dress and I don't really need it. Thought it's soooo pretty!

A little bit a clowns dress???  I picked it out…

Carlie and Laura! Yes I have very stylish friends much more stylish than me. At least that day. Laura wore her grandma's clothes almost everything on her was her grandma's! Besides the shorts they used to be her father's. O boy I love that hat!! 

That's what I wore yesterday. I finally figured out how to take pictures of myself in my room. It was bit of a problem with were to put the camera. It looks pretty good don't you think? Anyway the most important thing is me! ( I know HUGE ego) I wore blue Jeans and a white-beige sweater. I love that sweater I bought during sales in Zara. The belt is actually a scarf I hope you noticed that! Otherwise you should go visit your oculist. 
The nail polish on the second picture is my favorite it's very springlike it reminds me a bit of juicy fruit but not too juicy.  A bit complicated I know…


  1. Anonymous28.4.11

    i was wondering about your nail's color... yellow is a color i never tried on.

  2. I love taking pictures and being stupid when shopping!So much fun!By the way I'm now your follower!Pass by:)

  3. I luv the touch of the scarf, great accessory! btw thanx 4 ur visit & comment on my blog!



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