1 Mar 2011

natalie raps the bitch

Who watched the Acadamy awards?! I tried I didn't finish cause

  1. I was soooo tired! For those who live in the states it's easy but for us not in the same time zone living people… we had to suffer! 
  2. of a problem again all of you americans didn't have: The lifestream got kicked of the internet and suddenly I saw myself watching some spanish movie (thought I understood what everyone was saying I wasn't very happy).

So it wasn't exactly just watching the oscars night it was more like a dialog with my crazy bodymate:

                          MONi: I'm so tired! Let's go to sleep.
crazy version of MONi: Forget it you looser I wanna see who wins!
                          MONi: Pleeeease!! You can look it up in the morning! When you dreamed about Colin   Firth winning it.
crazy version of MONi:  That's not the same! Come on it's just three more hours plus minus I think…
                          MONi: When are we going to sleep?! Today?!(it already is 2 o'clock) In the office?!
crazy version of MONi: Then we could at least something useful…
                          MONi: How can you say something like that? We do plenty of useful things at the      office! We… well we don't have to go to school and that's definitely something!
crazy version of MONi: Okay you know what? I'm done with you you're not gonna ruin my night!

The crazy version of MONi grabs MONi and handcuffs her. Than the crazy version of MONi takes her to the last corner of the brain both share where MONi won't be able to manipulate the hands to shut the compter down. The body is being controlled by the crazy version of MONi! An hour later MONi is able to free herself from those handcuffs. "It's time for a takedown!", she thinks angry. She grabs the crazy version of MONi and gives her some red pills she had in her pocket. Instantly the crazy version of MONi fells asleep and MONi laughs. She shuts down the light and the laptop.

Okay enough with the bedtime stories here's what's important.

NatRap - Uncensored ;) - MyVideo

Don't you just love it? With her pixi cut and how she acts?! I definitely love it.
(The censored version is terrible all the time  you here peeeep when the red stripe on her mouth appears.)


  1. Thank you very much C:
    I love your header, it's so beautiful..

    Lots of Love,

  2. i like your header, nice blog!


  3. hehe...loved reading ur little dialogue... funny as hell... u didnt miss much hunny..its ok..not to worry..just check out anne hathaways electric blue armani prive dress and thats all there was worth seeing... so ur good... :)


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  4. Funny dialog/monolog :D
    Thanks for your comment, I guess you're right, there was enough ballet in fashion before, maybe it only caught my eye now more.

  5. Haha..love the dialog..quite close to how I was feeling too :) Brilliant, fab blog, enjoy it!! Thank you ever so much for stopping by my blog, you are welcomed any time!! Have a great rest of the week!! xx

  6. heheheh!!! fun dialog! ^^

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  7. thanks for u lovely comment!
    all the best


  8. haaah! she's so awesome. everything she does is a win.

  9. hahaha, what a fun post :) thanks soooo much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment! i really appreciate it! im happy natalie won, it was an obvious choice for me :) wasnt she gorgeous?!

  10. fun post and natalie is awesome!

  11. I love it! And I love Natalie Portman! I remember when I was 12, I was living in Pensacola, and apparently while I was in school, she came to eat at my mom's best friend's Thai restaurant, and they got a picture with her and everything! How ridiculous! Damn school!

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