28 Sep 2010

Luc Besson

Ok I know I should post more. But I'm sooooo busy right now. Don't even have time to think a lot about my blog or fashion or … Well but this is something I have to post about. It isn't even about fashion. You know my hobbies, likes, dislikes are able to change three times in one tiny little second. But most of the time they just change every two months. So right now I'm really into music and FILMING. Just finished my very first short film. (About me and my sister while we're trying to save her doll's life) (my (1/2)sister is 2 years old ) I gave the film to her mother as birthday present. I cut it and I added some nice music and then I put it on a DVD. I made everything and it was such fun!!
That's what I've been doing while I wasn't in school thinking when will this like George Clooney looking guy shut up or say hey guys you know I hate Latin too you can all go home and burn your books!
Anyway today I've been to the film preview of Adèle and the … (I've no idea how the film's called in english) and the director Luc Besson (The fifth element,…) was also there! He first gave autographs and then he talked about some things of the film. It's been so awesome he even answered my question! (the question is a bit too long (and the answer is even longer) to write it down here )
I promise to post more and I promise to post about fashion but such events just happen one time in a year so forgive me! I won't use this blog anymore for anything less than fashion or at least I'll try!
Oh and one thing! When Luc Besson gave me the autograph I talked with him french! Now I know why I'm sitting every day in french class! (If you say talking to him in french is saying Salut! Je m'appelle Moni! The question I've asked him later I asked in english so other people could understand it! )

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  1. hexa outfit premiere is tomorrow evening, a blogpost will follow on saturday. can't wait too! :)

    btw, I'm so jealous - you met Luc Besson!!!


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